Summer banquet ♪ ♪ Land only ☆ Steak 2 types eat comparison course 【2H drinking】 4000 yen → 3800 yen!
Summer banquet ♪ ♪ Land only ☆ Steak 2 types eat comparison course 【2H drinking】 4000 yen → 3800 yen!
3800 yen

Women's meeting, banquet, If you have any welcome ★ classic course !!! poor ingredients also on the anniversary, since it is possible to change even from one person please feel free to contact us ^^ all-you-can-drink is 500 yen you alone like plus please contact us for more information you can so that you can drink the extension your time 30 minutes.The all-you-can-drink, non-alcoholic cocktails to match your preparation.


◇ [appetizers five platter of season]

Such as seasonal vegetables quiche and raw ham is the appetizer of also entered ate meet full !!

◇ [colorful Cobb salad]

Please eat firmly mixed with colorful ingredients ♪
By the way, the origin of the name is, it is known as the Cobb's is made (laughs)

◇ [round and round curly fries]

The butcher, potato pleasing the potato does that !! was little changed not allowed to write ♪

◇ [~ served with Genovese ~ bucket of clams and new potatoes]

Gem is !! taste of new potatoes and clams of increased sweetness that was exquisitely match the flavor of basil in Hokuhoku
Extra source, please enjoy wearing to the bucket ♪

◇ [grill land specialty steak !! chuck eye roll VS floor only]

Chuck eye roll (shoulder roast) Please try than to eat by all means a moiety that can be referred to as the floor only a ♪

◇ [Bolognese of butcher]

Cheese will continue over a period of up to the voice of the stop is applied to the finishing touches !!

◇ [Setoda lemon sorbet]

Is after the meat is refreshing is the best ♪,
Because you are using seasonal ingredients, and coagulant is possible to change the menu contents.Please acknowledge.

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      【Reservation required】 Other ticket / service can not be used together / available for courses / Change to Hall cake with 500 yen for reservations of 4 people or more! For details please ask at the shop when making your reservation.
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      Until the end of September, 2017